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Ur special Mission

Ur Special coffee is about just that, making u feel SPECIAL. Being human is hard, every day we face challenges and pressures. Life’s challenges shouldn’t stop you, they help discover who U are. Take a moment to pour a cup of Ur Special coffee to change ur perspective. Use every sip of Ur Special coffee to be grateful for the people in your life, be proud for all you’ve achieved, take a deep breath and relax your body.

Repeat after us:

Ur smart, Ur kind, Ur cool, Ur loved, Ur beautiful, Ur creative, Ur special.


Ur special coffee consists of 3 unique offerings;

Spesh’s blend contains Arabica beans which unite Brazil, Nicaragua and Columbia with just enough specialty grade Robusta, to help you cozy up in an extra special coffee moment. A traditional extra dark Italian roast granting a deep, heavy special coffee flavor with no acidity. That’s how Spesh does it.

Iggy loves to keep it strong with a single origin Guatemalan Arabica. Grown at high altitude this coffee provides a perfect balance of bitter dark chocolate with sweet butterscotch and bright fruit notes to pick you up if you’re ever feeling down.

Blue Dude likes to take things a bit slower with his Peruvian Decaf. This particular arabica is 99.9% decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process providing a beautifully smooth coffee that has all the caramel and cocoa notes of the Peruvian bean without the caffeine hit. Trust us, you won’t know the difference!


Danny Casale (aka Coolman Coffeedan) is the artist and founder behind a world of characters and stories. Starting off creating Youtube videos at 12 years old, he gained online popularity through his surreal, humorous and crudely-drawn animations. Creating stories on topics from friendship to burnt tamales, Danny’s simple characters have touched the hearts of people all over the globe. Over the years his unique low-fi style with high-fi messages made us laugh, cry, and think.