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The most special gift guide to brighten a coffee lovers’ day

February 21, 2023 1 min read
The most special gift guide to brighten a coffee lovers’ day
We know some days are filled with anxious feelings and sometimes all someone needs is a warm hug to brighten their day. But why just brighten someone’s day when you can make it their most special one yet. If you know one of your friends has been feeling a little bummed out lately, surprise them with a travel mug to make sure they get their kiss of caffeine for those days on-the-go. You could give them the neutral face tumbler to show them you know exactly how they feel or the Iggy spaceship tumbler to make them smile during the grey-cloud moments.
We have the perfect coffee gifts for every feeling, from anxious Mondays to crazy Fridays. A blue dude starry night tumbler is perfect for that special someone who is filled with anxious feelings lately and struggling with frequent blue days, just looking at the starry night will help blow away those rain clouds. Or if your perfect person is feeling crazy and wild, just like Spesh, you could gift them the wild spesh tumbler to inspire their daily adventures.
But don’t worry if you believe none of these are what your perfect person needs, we have the perfect coffee gift for everyone. The Ur Special tumbler is a classic way to remind that special person just how special they are, this tumbler is guaranteed to brighten their day and put a spring in their step.
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