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Coolman Coffeedan takes over Miami Art Week

January 4, 2023 1 min read
Coolman Coffeedan takes over Miami Art Week

The clue’s in the name; we know a lot about coffee.

You may even remember when Danny Casale (a.k.a Coolman Coffeedan) took over Miami Art Week by elevating the coffee experience (don’t worry, this one won’t cost $1000). 

Cast your mind back to 2021, you’re in Miami for Art Week and fancy indulging in a cup of coffee. You see a sign outside of a coffee shop “$1,000 Cup of Coffee”. Huh?!

Danny with Ur Special Coffee at The Bagel Club produced a pop-up coffee shop with one goal in mind; to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art, and a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. Danny teamed up with The Art Plug and Superlost to deliver the taste of a rare coffee roast. The beans were a new Sidra variety all the way from Finca Campo Hermoso in Quindio, Columbia. The special process with a unique multi-stage fermentation cycle kicked off art week with a bang providing a punchy exotic, bold and fruity blend. The sweet floral essence of the coffee was a huge hit with customers.

So, how does Danny’s artwork fit in to this pricey purchase? 

Was the coffee mug made of gold? Nope! Even better, the coffee was served to customers willing to splash the cash, in a paper cup (that’s right… a paper cup). The factor that pushes up the price, is each cup was individually created with a unique drawing from Coolman Coffeedan. Danny is a self-proclaimed ‘bad animator’ who shot to fame in 2017 when his cartoon “Snakes Have Legs” reached tens of millions of views. He currently has a following of over ten million across social media platforms, with his artwork selling for as much as $100,000 USD (bitcoin). His goal is to rid the social media world of negativity and create laughter, provoke emotions and deep thought, through the use of his unique character animations. Through this intention, Danny’s art is also improving the mental well-being of many people by spreading his positive messages. Especially with the help of Spesh. Each cup was custom made, limited edition and came with a certificate of authenticity. And a delicious bagel of course!

The idea of the paper cup was that it’s supposed to get a little dirty. Whether that is a spilt bit of coffee, or a fabulous shade of lipstick, it all adds to the beauty of the artwork, right? All the imperfections create memories of a unique experience. That is why Danny has chosen to launch Ur Special coffee, to create that perfect coffee moment you can enjoy with your loved ones. There are three blends available, named after classic characters. Spesh Brew is a dark Italian roast. Iggy’s Brew gives a wonderful bitter dark chocolate balanced with butterscotch and fruit. Last but not least, Blue Dude Decaf provides a beautifully smooth coffee with scents of caramel and cocoa.

Art has the capacity to change the world! Ur Special coffee will change yours too, but thankfully it won’t change your bank balance nearly as much. You can shop our three coffee blends now; Spesh' Italian Roast Brew, Iggys Breakfast Blend and Blue Dude Decaf Brew.

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